Breakdown repair

Peoples Gas boilers are usually the last thing on their mind… Until it stops working!
If your house won’t heat up or the hot water in your shower is giving you the cold shoulder, Give us a call!

Our Gas-safe registered heating engineers can normally get to the cause of the problem and get you back up and running on the first visit. Usually a second visit will only be required if replacement parts need to be ordered.

Once your back up and running we’ll carry out a safety and performance check to to make sure everything is working correctly.

Occasionally, gas boilers are unfortunately beyond repair. For older models replacement parts become unavailable, or your boiler may have stopped working because it has become dangerous. In this case the boilers safety devices have shut your appliance down to ensure safety. Although this would be the last news we would want to give you. Our priority is to put your safety first and we’ll be happy to advise you on the best cause action.

 Annual Service

Annual gas boiler services are the best way to ensure your boiler is working safely and efficiently. Although it is not a guarantee to prevent breakdowns it usually highlights minor problems before the become major issues.

Your safety is our main priority and we’ll make sure that your boiler is doing what it’s supposed to do. From burning the right amount of gas, not producing too much carbon monoxide, removing all the products of combustion etc. We’ll also check your flue is in good condition and there is adequate ventilation for the appliance to work correctly. For added peace of mind we’ll do a tightness test on your gas pipe to ensure you’ve got no leaks.

Once we’ve serviced your gas boiler once, we’ll contact you by email each year to give you a gentle reminder. This can be especially useful if you’ve recently had a new boiler fitted as not having your boiler serviced annually invalidates your warranty.

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New installations

If your updating your old, inefficient boiler or having a whole new system, we’ve got the right choice for you.
New installations can save you hundreds of pounds a year on your gas bill when replacing old inefficient boilers.
And if replacing and old tank and cylinder system with a new combi boiler, it could free up some storage space in your home too.

Boilers now come with up to 10 years warranty, so if your constantly needing your old boiler fixed or your paying each month for a breakdown insurance scheme, a replacement would mean you could spend that money elsewhere. what with that and the efficiency savings of a new installation, you could see you quids in in the long run!

There are boilers and Systems to suit every home big or small, they are designed to suit your exact needs. If your having a new system from scratch we design a system tailor made to you requirements or if your simply replacing and old worn out boiler we can recommend and changes to your existing heating system which will help you new boiler work most efficiently and be most cost effective for you.

By law each new boiler installation requires registering with your local building control department to ensure building control compliance. To do this yourself can cost £££, as Gas safe registered engineers we will register the boiler for you, savings you time and money. Once we’ve registered it you’ll receive a compliance notice by post. Keep it safe, you’ll need it should you ever sell your house.

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